Lighting Changes Everything

Create The Perfect Ambiance at Your Wedding


One thing that can be commonly overlooked when thinking about wedding decor is lighting. Lighting is extremely important in any event. When you are spending a lot of money on florals and other decor elements, you want to make sure your guests can see them throughout the entire night. Not only is lighting important for your decor, it can totally transform the look and feel of the event space. Different lighting styles can create an entirely different ambiance. One style that we love installing is market lighting—and in this blog we are going to focus on the al fresco style of market lighting.


Recently, we were able to try something completely different. After added wine barrels to our inventory, we started researching different ways we could use them in our events. From wine barrel bars to bases for uprights, the possibilities seemed endless! For this design, we used them as the bases for our uprights to create al fresco style lighting for an outdoor seated dinner wedding. 

We installed fixtures in the wine barrels to support the uprights through the top. We arranged the wine barrels around the farm table formation in the back of the barn at the Inn at Barley Sheaf. We strung the market lighting in a zig zag pattern going both ways. We could tell as soon as we put them up (before it was even dark out!) that this would be a hit. Caitlin and Kaveh’s outdoor dinner space was a perfect finishing touch to their special day. 

Thank you for the images Charmi Pena Photography!

Katie Robinson