Putting The Pieces Together


Designing corporate events are always fun because we get to create unique design elements. When Ernst & Young approached us to design their intern event, we were excited to dive in and see what we could create to make this day special.

With their puzzle piece theme, we knew we had a lot of details to cover. With our new CNC machine, we made custom puzzles for the interns that they placed together at the beginning of the event. Each of their pieces came together to form one large puzzle. Once the large puzzle was complete, the board was flipped, revealing their offer for an internship.

When the wall flipped, our very own Katie Robinson pressed a button to release our confetti cannons. Silver, yellow and white confetti exploded throughout the room, as well as some string confetti that came from the handhelds we supplied to EY employees.   

The new interns enjoyed a night full of fun details. For the centerpieces, we used mirrored boxes and filled them with yellow and white flowers. We surrounded the boxes with a variety of mixed puzzle pieces. This small element took the centerpieces to a new level and gave this classic design a unique twist.

Another element of our design included a black and white wall for a "selfie station". We filled the frames with their logo, and created a fun space for the new interns to get to know each other and network. 

With this young crowd, we thought it would be fun to bring in some old-school arcade games. A Simpsons game, an NBA Jam game, and a multi-game unit that featured many different games occupied students as they enjoyed the event.

With a lot of space to cover, we wanted to make sure the lighting adapted well to the space. The Warwick hotel had beautiful chandeliers, so we brought in up-lights and set them to a yellow hue. 

The EY Interns event was a great success, and we were so happy to be part of this special day. Best of luck to all of the new interns at EY! 

Venue: The Warwick Hotel Philadelphia

Photography By: Jordan Brian Photography 

Katie Robinson