Ernst & Young Internship

Warwick Hotel


Interns of the Future

Every year Ernst & Young comes to us for their annual intern reveal event. The students stay at the hotel for 2 days have general sessions, learn about the company receive lots of swag and end with a revealing. This year the last day they had a scavenger hunt around the city which brought them back with a key. That key opened the teams box. In there we made custom puzzle pieces that each team when put on the large board showed EY's message for the year. We then flipped over the board, confetti canons went off and it was revealed that each attendee was being offered an opportunity of a lifetime! Each got a paid summer internship with one of the biggest companies in center city.

There was a performance by Randy S, food, arcade games and photo opportunities for all the students and EY staff to enjoy together.


Let’s Have a Toast!

Design: DFW Event Design

All the AV was provided by our sister company Audio Gods